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Advisors are gained through elite chests, events, and Quest cards. They provide a permanent bonus for the rest of the game.

See Advisors (beta) for a list of advisors which were present in earlier versions of the game.

Universal Advisors[]

Note that Rarity and Type are not shown in-game (yet). Rarity is still unclear, but Type has been confirmed by data from a localization spreadsheet.

Name Rarity Type Effect Notes
Revolutionist Unknown Economic -20% cost to all Economic Cards Art Reference: The character "V" from V for Vendetta
Butcher ? Economic +1 Bounty for every obtained Military Card
Economist ? Economic Upgrade all Economic Cards
Scrivener ? Economic -5 Cost to Re-draw for every obtained card
Farmer Economic +100% Gold received from Labor Cards
Accountant Economic +10% Gold gain
Tinker Economic +50 Gold Whenever you remove a card
Judge Economic +3 Tax for every advisor you obtained
Peddler Economic -25% Gold required for buying cards
Innkeeper Economic Merchant stays at the City for 15s longer Art Reference: The innkeeper from the game Hearthstone
Quartermaster Military -25% Cost to all Military Cards
Blacksmith Military +20% ATK to all Military Cards
Assistant Military +20% Max HP to all Military Cards
Commander Military +1/+4 to all Military Cards
Robin Hood Military +50% Range to all Rear Rank units Art Reference: Robin Hood
Babarian Military -1 ATK to all enemies
Recruiter Military Add 1 random Ephemeral Military Cards to your hand whenever you Re-Draw
Clown Military +1s to next Wave Time whenever you play a card
Squad Leader Military The next unit deployed is upgraded after every 7 Military Cards played
Ironclad Military Heal allies for 50% of their Max HP whenever a Wave is over Art Reference: The Ironclad character from the game Slay the Spire

This advisor is one of three required for the achievement "Slayers"

Woodcutter Building -25% Cost to all Building Cards
Repairman Building For every 10 seconds, a Building repair is immediately completed
Landlord Building +1 Tax for every constructed Building
Settler Building +1 Ratizen for every constructed Building
Adventurer Building Upgrade 1 Random Cards whenever you expand your City with a Defensive Wall
Tactician Building +100% Attack Speed to all Combat Buildings
Investor Building Get 3 random Building Cards Art Reference: Einstein
Pioneer Building Choose between a Defensive Wall, House, and Watch Tower Card. Get 2 copies of chosen card
Planner Building The next building constructed is upgraded after every 5 Buildings Cards played
Defect Building Deal 30 DMG to a random enemy whenever you use an Active Art Reference: The Defect character from the game Slay the Spire

This advisor is one of three required for the achievement "Slayers"

Inventor Skill -25% Cost to all Skill Cards
Wife Skill -20s to Leader Ability Cooldown
Appraiser Skill +1 More options for Treasure Chests
Seeker Skill +1 More options for Card selection
Hand Skill +1 Cards whenever you play 10 cards
Janitor Skill +3 Cards Whenever you discard 10 cards
Friend Skill -100% Leader Ability Cooldown whenever a Merchant arrives at your city
Strategist Skill Whenever you Re-draw, keep all Skill Cards in hand
Detective Skill Choose and get one of 10 Skill Cards Art Reference: Sherlock Holmes
Silent Skill +2 Cards whenever you Re-draw, +5s Re-draw Cooldown Art Reference: The Silent character from the game Slay the Spire

This advisor is one of three required for the achievement "Slayers"

Merchant Advisors[]

Name Type Effect
Negotiator Economic Allows you to change Cards sold by Card Merchant if you haven't bought any from the current offer
Dancer Military +100% Service time to Service units
Sheriff Economic +1 Tax for every ongoing Service
Merc Leader Military +1 ATK to a unit in Service whenever its remaining Service time is increased
Taxman Economic -1s to Tax Cycle
Exchequer Economic +100% Tax
Sculptor Building -80% Production Time to All Buildings whenever your current Gold reaches 0
Mercer Economic Ephemeral -10 Cost to a Random Card whenever you play a Card
Worker Skill -25% Labor Time
Samurai Skill Deal 10 DMG to a random enemy whenever you discard a Card

General Advisors[]

Name Type Effect
Constable Military +2 Ratizen for every obtained Military Card
Veteran Economic +1 Gold whenever an ally gains a Growth Point
Champion Military +1 Extra Growth for each enemy Kill (or kill participation)
Hero Skill Units change into upgraded Cards when their Growth is completed
Shoemaker Building +10% Move Speed to allies for every Defensive Wall constructed
Assault Captain Military +100% Move Speed to allies when they move towards an enemy
Shield Master Military +1 Armor to allies
Madame Economic -3 Cost to Military Cards for every obtained Military card
Nurse Military Every 5 seconds, heal allies for 10
Mad Rat Military Healed allies receive 1 ATK for 10s

Builder Advisors[]

Name Type Effect
Engineer Building Allows you to play a Building Card on an identical Building to upgrade it
Pyromancer Military -[A]% Flame DMG cycle
Technician Building -[A] Production Time to all Buildings whenever you play a Card
Ifrit Military Allies are now immune to Flame DMG
Forester Building -[A]% Move Speed to enemies passing through Cloaked Buildings
Guerilla Building +[A]% DMG to Cloaked Buildings
Samson Military +100% Knockback range
Mason Building +[A]% Max HP to all Defensive Walls
Guest Building +2 Ratizen whenever you upgrade a Building

(Note: Currently says "construct a building" in-game, but the text is wrong.)

Tailor Economic +1 Tax whenever you use an Active

Scientist Advisors[]

Name Type Effect
Majordomo Skill -5s to Leader Ability Cooldown whenever you play a Skill Card
Zeus Skill Get 2 Crackle Cards
Pika Skill Apply [A] extra Electron whenever you apply Electron
Warden Building Apply 1 Electron to enemies attacking a Building
Skynet Military +[A] ATK to all Ratron Cards
Scrooge Military No longer get a Scrap Card when a Ratron unit is destroyed
A.I. Skill +1 Ratizen whenever 10 Cards are Morphed
Mathematician Economic +[A] Gold if same type of Cards are consecutively played
Assassin Skill +5% DMG to all Skill Cards for every Skill Card in your deck
Teacher Skill +[A] Leader Level for every hired Advisor

Shaman Advisors[]

Name Type Effect
Inquisitor Military Deal 5 DMG to a random enemy whenever an ally dies
Monk Economic +1 Gold for every Soul consumed by a Soul Siphon Card or a Soul Building
Astrologer Skill Upgrade a random Card whenever you siphon [A] Soul
Pilgrims Building +1 Gold whenever a Soul Building with full Soul collects additional Soul
Warlock Military +[A] ATK to allies affected by Curse
Avenger Military When a unit affected by Curse dies, adjacent enemies deal DMG equal to stack count
Mushroomer Military Stun adjacent enemies for [A]s whenever you summon a unit
Executioner Skill +[A] Ratizen whenever you remove an ally with a Skill Card
Hypnotist Military +[A]% Duration to Sleep and Confusion when applied to enemies
High Priestess Building Deal 1000 DMG to all enemies when the City Hall is attacked (Single-Use)

Navigator Advisors[]

Name Type Effect
Captain Skill When you Re-draw, -1s to Re-draw cooldown for every discarded Card
Greedy Skill +[A] Stock for all Stock Cards
Excavator Economic Permanent -10 Cost to a Card whenever its Stock reaches 0
Diver Building +1 Stock to all Cards in hand whenever you use an Active
Jailor Economic -[A]% Cost increase caused by Notoriety
Boss Military +[A] Max HP to Military Card for every Notoriety it owns
Survivor Skill +[A] random Advisors whenever you complete a Quest
Ambassador Skill Cards from other Leaders are upgraded when you get them
Recorder Economic -50% Cost to Re-draw
Cleric Skill Upgrade a random Card whenever you remove a Card

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